Top 20 – Maria McKee

Maria McKee är en fantastisk sångerska som även efter tiden med Lone Justice gjort många bra låtar. Jag har sett Maria live 2 gånger.

Bästa låtar

  1. I Can’t Make It Alone
  2. Show Me Heaven
  3. Promise You Anything
  4. A Good Heart
  5. Drinking in My Sunday Dress
  6. You Gotta Sin to Get Saved
  7. My Girlhood Among the Outlaws
  8. My Lonely Sad Eyes
  9. I’m Gonna Soothe You
  10. I Wish I Was Your Mother
  11. Backstreets
  12. Am I the Only One (Who Ever Felt This Way)
  13. Never Be You
  14. I’ve Forgotten What It Was in You (That Put the Need in Me)
  15. Life Is Sweet
  16. Nobody’s Child
  17. Absolutely Barking Stars
  18. Panic Beach
  19. I Forgive You
  20. Why Wasn’t I More Grateful (When Life Was Sweet)

Bästa album

  1. You Gotta Sin to Get Saved
  2. Maria McKee
  3. Life Is Sweet
  4. Late December
  5. Peddlin’ Dreams


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