Top 20 – The Pogues

The Pogues har gjort många bra låtar och jag har sett dem live 3 gånger.

Bästa låtar

  1. Sally MacLennane
  2. The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn
  3. If I Should Fall from Grace With God
  4. Turkish Song of the Damned
  5. Fairytale of New York
  6. Young Ned of the Hill
  7. The Irish Rover
  8. The Bode of an American
  9. The Wild Rover
  10. A Rainy Night in Soho
  11. The Broad Majestic Shannon
  12. Boys from the County Hell
  13. Streams of Whiskey
  14. Jesse James
  15. A Pair of Brown Eyes
  16. Streets of Sorrow / Birmingham Six
  17. Waxie’s Dargle
  18. Greenland Whale Fisheries
  19. Billy’s Bones
  20. Thousands are Sailing

Bästa album

  1. Rum Sodomy & The Lash
  2. If I Should Fall from Grace With God
  3. Red Roses for Me
  4. Peace and Love
  5. Waiting for Herb


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