Top 20 – The Waterboys

The Waterboys har gjort en hel del bra låtar. Jag har sett The Waterboys live 1 gång.

Bästa låtar

  1. How Long Will I Love You
  2. The Whole of the Moon
  3. Fisherman’s Blues
  4. And a Bang on the Ear
  5. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  6. Further Up, Further in
  7. When the Ship Comes in
  8. Song from the End of the World
  9. When Will We Be Married
  10. In Search of a Rose
  11. Where the Action Is
  12. Spring Comes to Spiddal
  13. Girl from the North Country
  14. London Mick
  15. World Party
  16. A Man Is in Love
  17. A Life of Sundays
  18. Natural Bridge Blues
  19. Meet Me At the Station
  20. Church Not Made With Hands

Bästa album

  1. Room to Roam
  2. Fisherman’s Blues
  3. This Is the Sea
  4. Where the Action Is
  5. A Pagan Place


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