Top 20 – Lone Justice

Lone Justice var ett väldigt bra band, framförallt tack vare Maria McKee. Jag har tyvärr aldrig sett Lone Justice live (men jag har sett Maria McKee live 2 gånger).

Bästa låtar

  1. I Found Love
  2. Ways to Be Wicked
  3. The Gift
  4. Fortunate Son
  5. East of Eden
  6. You Are the Light
  7. After the Flood
  8. Sweet Jane
  9. Dixie Storms
  10. Pass It on
  11. This World Is Not My Home (I’m Just Passin’ Through)
  12. Don’t Toss Us Away
  13. Soap, Soup and Salvation
  14. Cactus Rose
  15. Working Late
  16. Shelter
  17. The Train
  18. Go Away Little Boy
  19. Drugstore Cowboy
  20. Sweet, Sweet Baby (I’m Falling)

Bäst album

  1. Lone Justice
  2. Shelter


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